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Audit is an independent service that determines the reliability, truthfulness and credibility of financial statements through which all stakeholders are being informed about the financial situation of a company.

Our task as a responsible audit team with 12 years of experience is to express an independent and professional opinion about whether your financial statements show both the financial position and the results of operations in an accurate and realistic manner.

We adopted audit approach based on professional integrity and proven methodology with which we perform:

- Identifying and assessing risks of material misstatement in the financial statements

- Determining the degree of consistency of the financial statements for the past few years and their compliance with

   International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards

- Determining the proper use of accounting policies

- Determining the degree of effectiveness of established internal controls

- If necessary, establishing internal controls

Our services include:

- Audit about compliance

- Advices on corporate governance

- External audit

- Advices on implementing the accounting policies and auditing standards

- Due diligence

- Financial statements

- Research of frauds

- Internal audit, consulting and outsourcing reports

- IT audit and security

The audit approach that we practice is individual and stems from our interest in understanding the relevant industry in which your business operates, including strategies, business risks and processes for risk management.

We primarily protect the interests of the business owners by displaying a clear and accurate picture of the financial condition of their company. The professional opinion we express in the audit report is clear, concise and relevant.

Our motto is: To provide and ensure confidence that you can rely on at any time!

Why choose us?

We are ready to analyze your financial performance in order to find answers to the following questions:

  •   Is your business protected from mistakes or fraud?
  •   Have you implemented the appropriate controls?
  •   Is the managing of executives adequate?
  •   Does the management possess credible information
  •        for decision-making?
  •   Does your business comply with IAS and IFRS?
  •   Do you possess effective computer system?
  •   Are the databases correct?

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Posted by Effect Plus - March 31, 2014

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