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Accounting and Tax management

Accounting and financial reporting

If you are a business owner, you will agree that strong competition creates a market in which you are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, to find optimal tax solution and at the same time to improve the quality of services.

We are ready to offer you our expertise and extensive experience in the field of managing taxes and accounting in order to meet all your legal obligations and responsibilities.

We will be there in every aspect of your business core and become your accounting and financial sector

Our accounting services include:

- Bookkeeping

- Management accounting

- Accounting Advisory

- Financial reporting

- Payroll


Our tax advisors will help you identify and properly manage the tax risk before it becomes a problem, to minimize your tax exposure and together we will calculate the actual tax positions in accordance with all legal requirements and regulations.

Our experts are ready to perform the following services for you:

- Tax accounting

- Tax planning

- Tax compliance and audit

- Tax risk assessment and corporate governance

- Merger and acquisition transactions

- International tax

- Employment remuneration and expatriate services

- Direct and indirect taxes

Advisory services and control

Advisory services

With the maximal deployment of our resources we answer to your needs even before you start your business. Once you do, we provide you with an ongoing support through all phases of strategic development through which your business outweighs the competition. You have a clear view of the results you achieve at any point, whereas we use those results to detect every potential problem before it has an effect on the potential for profit.

- Administrative support and consultation in the process of opening your company (advices on the most appropriate form for registering a company, so to start with your new business)

- Preparation of investment and business plans

- Financial analysis including calculation of indicators according to international accounting standards. We interpret financial data through financial analysis and indicators of liquidity, solvency, and profitability

- We prepare a professional and expert analysis of your financial activities through which we enable the development of your business

- Establishing work procedures

- Establishing and organizing the financial and accounting sector

- Providing help in the selection of human resources in the financial field

- Making internal acts: accounting policies, rules of procedure, rules of inventory

Control services

We provide control of the processes for risk management in order to obtain assurance that the significant financial, managerial and operating information is accurate, reliable, timely and compliant with tax legislation. The resources are economically used and the organizational activities are in accordance with the accounting policies and procedures, contracts signed, laws and internal regulations.

- Financial control

- Control of compliance with the regulation

- Control and compliance with tax regulation

- Control of how successful your business operates

- IT control

Legal and administrative services

Legal services

The financial sector could not meet legal responsibilities and act promptly and effectively without the support of the legal sector.

Our business is structured in a way to allow proper combination of legal and accounting expertise.

Legal services that we perform for you:

- Preparation of commercial contracts

- Preparation of acts according to the Trade law: establishing a company, amend of the act for establishing a company (change of headquarter, founder, founding stake, name of company, opening subsidiary, etc.)

- Preparation of acts according to the Law on Labor Relations (decisions, solutions)

- Implementation of acts in accordance with the Labor Law (gsigning in and signing out of employees in Agency for employment, social, etc.)

- Procedures for procurement

- Representation of foreign entities

Administrative services

We can quickly and professionally perform for you the whole correspondence with the relevant institutions: Public Revenue Office, banks, municipalities, Central Registry, Agency for Employment, Health Fund, etc.

- Paying orders

- Submitting documents in PRO, bank, etc.

- Applying for issuing solvency

- Opening or change of bank account

- Signing in and signing out of a taxpayer

- Registering immovable property

- Changing tax card