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Who We Are

Our specialty is based upon 15 years of professional experience and strive for continuous development and implementing the latest standards in the area in which we affirm our integrity.

We prove high level of professionalism through the services we provide: audit, accounting, tax consulting, advisory services and educational training programs for those who are willing to become experts with us.

We build trust and collaboration with our customers!

The motive that dynamically moves us into new challenges is to enable you to become part of our professionalism and vice versa, you, as our important client to allow us to take credit for your success. We strive to base our existence and engagement on human values, principles, technologies and to grow with you as our clients.

We are part of the solution, not the problem!

Our main goal is to learn more about your business, to understand your needs, challenges and especially your identity as an integral part of the business environment.

Your success is our number one priority. Through efficient acting we are at your disposal with our skills, expertise and knowledge at any time. We thoroughly review every event relevant to your company and do not allow anything to remain unnoticed.

Let our professional services contribute to the creation of your success!

Our skills

Our values

  • Competence through lifelong learning
  • Acceptance of new technologies & solutions
  • Integrity and ethical principles
  • Vision
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork

Our team

Work experience
Nikolaki Miov Partner- certified auditor 29 years
Kristina Tilic Partner- certified auditor 30 years
Marija Levkova Senior auditor 5 years
Jasna Nizamovska Senior auditor 5 years
Vesna Miovska Senior auditor 2 years
Marija Ivanovska Senior auditor 5 years
Zorica Petrushevska Certified accountant 18 years
Vesna Stojkovska Certified accountant 19 years
Olga Koceva Accountant 1 year
Jasmina Ivanovska Accountant 20 years
Elena Filevska Accountant 4 years
Daniela Tilik Manager of training center 2 years
Deјan Stojanovski IT manager 20 years